What We Believe

Doctrinal Statements

As a church, we uphold the importance of confessions for unity in belief and practice.

As a Southern Baptist Church, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 stands as our corporate doctrinal statement. Anyone who can hold without reservation to the boundaries of the Baptist Faith and Message is welcome to join Harbins as a member. The Baptist Faith and Message provides unity in the the historic beliefs of the Christian faith, believer's baptism, and congregationalism. The Baptist Faith and Message provides room for charity on issues concerning soteriology.

The elders of Harbins also hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. This doctrinal statement is a product of the Reformation and does hold to a Reformed approach to Christian doctrine. While church members should expect teaching and preaching from this perspective, we welcome all who can hold without conflict to the Baptist Faith and Message

Our Core Values

At Harbins Community Baptist Church we value...


We believe that God has given us everything that we need to glorify him in the Bible. At Harbins, we submit everything we do to the authority of God's Word.


We believe that God wrote the whole story of history with the Gospel at the center. If all of history has Jesus' life, death, and resurrection at the center, so should God's church.


We believe that God still speaks today. Every time the church gathers and God's Word is preached, God speaks. God builds his church through the preaching of the Word.


God gave the church one mission--to make disciples. The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Discipleship is necessary for healthy growth in the Christian life.


The family is the first institution in the world and the bedrock of civilization. The family is vital for the local church and the goal of reaching every generation with the Gospel.


Hell is real. Life is short. Jesus is coming back soon. Jesus will have a people for himself from every tongue, tribe, and nation. We must be engaged in getting the Gospel to all nations.

Harbins Distinctives

Here are some distinctives you may find different at Harbins from other churches...

Expositional Preaching

At Harbins, we are committed to expositional preaching. Every Sunday, we gather to hear what God has to say to us in his Word. We seek to expose God's people to God's Word through explaining and applying God's Word to contemporary life. 

Regenerate Church Membership

At Harbins, we believe that the church should have members who have experienced conversion and have been born again. That means that we expect every member to be growing in holiness and a vibrant relationship with God.

Intentional Shepherding

At Harbins, we believe that God will holds its shepherds accountable for overseeing the flock. Thus, the pastors are intentional in pursuing meaningful relationships with church members and members should open their lives up to pastoral care and counseling. 

Church Discipline

At Harbins, we take God's standard of holiness very seriously. The witness of the church is at stake when Christians fall into unrepentant sin. Thus, we expect Christians to be fighting against sin every day, and we pursue corrective discipline when they fall into sin.