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Thank you for letting us have the ability to support your family and baby. We understand that all of life is a gift from God. God knows the name of your child and God cares about your family. We will do our best to provide any care of support that we can for your family. Requests for financial assistance are prayerfully reviewed by our Elders and/or Financial Stewardship Team. We reserve the right to deny assistance for any reason. We can only offer assistance based upon the amount of designated “benevolence” money we receive. Applicants for financial assistance will be notified of the assistance that will be provided, and when the funds will be available. HCBC does not make checks payable directly to the individual(s) requesting assistance. HCBC does not overnight payments.

We may be limited in the services and supplies that we can provide at any given time. We may provide care by putting you in contact with other organizations who are better equipped to offer care for expectant families. At Harbins, we will offer a community willing to walk with you through this pregnancy and support you at different steps along the way.

Please know that Harbins Community Baptist Church is only a recipient of donated goods. Our ministry does not include a shelter or kitchen and we rely upon volunteers from our church to serve our community. While we hope to share quality goods with you and your family, every recipient of donated goods waives any right to file charges against Harbins Community Baptist Church or any members due to the misuse of products received herein or problems related to the products received at Harbins Community Baptist Church. Also, every recipient of donated goods agrees to use these products for his or her family, not to repurpose these products for financial gain. By signing below, you are agreeing to use these products in good faith, exercising discernment in potential faulty products or pursuing the necessary information for the proper use of these products.

By signing your name below, you are affirming that the above information is true, to the best of your knowledge.