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Sunday Mornings: What to Expect

On Sunday mornings, we gather for three reasons. 
  1. We gather to lift high the name of Jesus. We gather to give glory to God and to sing his praises--because we know all of the great things which he has done for us. He is worthy of our praise!
  2. We gather to hear God's Word. We believe that the Bible is God's Word. Thus, when God's Word is taught and explained in the church gathering, we know that God is speaking to us.
  3. We gather as the Family of God. At Harbins, we believe that God has made us one new family. We gather as brothers and sisters in Christ to be mutually encouraged and challenged by one another in love. 

What should I do when I arrive? 

Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to either Sunday School or our Worship Gathering. Find a place to park and head to the front of our building. There you should meet a greeter who will answer any questions that you have about our building. 

What do I wear? 

You will see many different types of people wearing different things. The pastor may preach in a suit; but you may see people in jeans. What's more important to us is that you come verses how you come. 

What type of music do you have? 

We believe that the main instrument on Sunday morning is the congregational voice. That means that we will try to sing songs which emphasize strong congregational singing. We also try to sing songs with rich theology. You will hear some old hymns and new songs. We hope that every song you hear at Harbins will still be stuck in your head on Wednesday afternoon. 

What happens during your service?

Our service is pretty simple. We focus on praising God and hearing God's Word. Remember, Christians have been gathering together for hundreds of years. There are also Christians gathering around the world every Sunday. We try to incorporate different elements into our worship service of things commanded in Scripture and also things which reflect the universal nature of the Church. On Sunday, we will sing a few songs. You may participate in a confession of sin, corporate reading, or a reading from church history (The Apostles' Creed). You will hear a pastoral prayer where we approach our Father and bring our concerns and cares to him. Then we will hear a passage of Scripture preached (usually 45-50 minutes). On the third Sunday of every month, we celebrate the Lord's Supper. Then we will end with a song and a benediction. 

What do you offer for my kids? 

At Harbins, we believe that the family should worship God together. That means that we expect families to stay together and hear God's Word preached. We offer Sunday School for kids of all ages during the Fall and Spring semesters. You will also see different events for kids at Harbins throughout the year. We have a nursery for kids ages birth-3 years old. We also have a nursing room for mothers to be able to watch the service and care for their little ones without missing the sermon.

Don't worry. We want your kids in the service! We won't be offended if they are a little noisy or make movements during the service. We are glad that they are there and we know that the Word is being sown into their hearts. 

How do I join? 

At Harbins, we take membership very seriously. In becoming a member, you are joining our family! That means that we want to get to know you. If you are interested in joining Harbins, begin by coming to our services. We often have different fellowship events that are great opportunities for meeting people. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact a pastor about our next membership class.
Our membership process includes: 
  • Participating in a Membership Class. 
  • Completing a Membership Application. 
  • Completing an Elder Interview
  • Being Presented to the Church for a One-Month Evaluation Period. 
  • Being Voted and Received by the Congregation. 

Membership Requirements: 
  • Have a clear profession of faith and evidence of personal conversion
  • Complete Membership Class
  • Review Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • Review and Sign Harbins Membership Covenant 
  • Fill-out Membership Application
  • Schedule Elder Interview